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Welcome to my website.  I am a licensed psychotherapist in San Francisco and former practicing attorney.  I provide individual psychotherapy and coaching services to adults and teens.  I also facilitate groups and provide clinical consultation and training. To read my recent article about Lyme Disease, please click on the link Physical, Cognitive, Neurological and Psychiatric Symptoms of Lyme Disease.

My work is informed by a deep belief that everyone’s voice is important and needs to be heard and that each of us has something unique to offer to the world and a responsibility to bring it forth.

The foundation of my work is to help clients find their unique gifts, and to work through the blocks that keep them from expressing these gifts in their relationships, careers and the larger community. The ultimate goal being to help my clients live a life that is resonant with who they really are, so they will feel more satisfaction, meaning and aliveness on a daily basis.

I am particularly interested in helping clients:

  1. Develop confidence, healthy self-esteem & assertiveness;

  2. Work through fears around speaking, shyness & social anxiety;

  3. Develop communication skills to improve relationships, both     personal & professional;

  4. Address work addictions & overachieving;

  5. Reduce anxiety & stress to improve health & well being;

  6. Navigate the challenges of chronic and difficult to diagnose illness; and

  7. Manage legal stress related to court involvement and work through emotional issues related to the underlying legal case.               

For a more comprehensive list of treatment issues, please click on the

link Areas of Clinical Focus.

I also provide consultation & training to psychotherapists and attorneys on both legal & psychological issues. Please click on the link for Consultation & Supervision and the link for Training for further information.

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